Lokvin Wiki

install vim

yum install vim

create ~/.vimrc

touch ~/.vimrc

add vim format xml

  • add below content to ~/.vimrc
function! DoPrettyXML()
 " save the filetype so we can restore it later
 let l:origft = &ft
 set ft=
 " delete the xml header if it exists. This will
 " permit us to surround the document with fake tags
 " without creating invalid xml.
 1s/<?xml .*?>//e
 " insert fake tags around the entire document.
 " This will permit us to pretty-format excerpts of
 " XML that may contain multiple top-level elements.
 0put ='<PrettyXML>'
 $put ='</PrettyXML>'
 silent %!xmllint --format -
 " xmllint will insert an <?xml?> header. it's easy enough to delete
 " if you don't want it.
 " delete the fake tags
 " restore the 'normal' indentation, which is one extra level
 " too deep due to the extra tags we wrapped around the document.
 silent %<
 " back to home
 " restore the filetype
 exe "set ft=" . l:origft
command! PrettyXML call DoPrettyXML()