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svn help[]

svn help
usage: svn <subcommand> [options] [args]
'svn help <subcommand>' for help on a specific subcommand
'svn --version' to see the program version and RA modules

Available subcommands:
  blame (praise, annotate, ann)
  • help for subcommand
svn help <subcommand>
svn help swtich

svn switch[]

  • switch working copy to different url within same repository.
svn switch spotlight/

svn merge[]

  • manual merge html5 1.4 to 2.0
svn co mobileapps-news-pro-html-2.0
svn merge --accept postpone -r 358773:364929 mobileapps-news-pro-html-2.0
## manual resolved conflcts
svn status mobileapps-news-pro-html-2.0
svn resolved ...
svn commit -m "manual merge html1.4 to 2.0" mobileapps-news-pro-html-2.0

svn diff for 2 branches[]

svn diff http://REPOS/trunk http://REPOS/branches/B

svn resolve tree conflict[]

svn resolve --accept working -R <path>
  • resolve asks svn to resolve the conflict
  • accept working specifies to keep your working files
  • -R stands for recursive

resolve local edit, incoming delete upon update[]

$ svn st
!     C foo
     >   local delete, incoming delete upon update
!     C bar
     >   local delete, incoming delete upon update
$ touch foo bar
$ svn st
A  +  C foo
     >   local edit, incoming delete upon update
A  +  C bar
     >   local edit, incoming delete upon update
$ svn st
?       foo
?       bar
$ rm foo bar
$ svn st

svn empmty checkout[]

  • you can limit the amount of files that do get checked out with the --depth
svn co --depth=empty http://myserver/myrepos/mydirectory

svn blame[]

svn blame someurl

svn log -v -r[]

  • get revision detail info
svn log -v -r rev. http://repo-url

svn status code[]

svn checkout specify revision file[]

svn checkout <url_of_big_dir>@revision <target> --depth empty
cd <target>
svn up <file_you_want>