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search xml output

check article contain video

  • article/2015/11/05/us-usa-fed-yellen-idUSKCN0ST22V20151105
  • find article in NEWSGROUP table
*************************** 1. row ***************************
PACKAGE_ID: 940151762
  • find in PACKAGENEWS table
*************************** 1. row ***************************
          ID: 940151762
    DUID: tag:reuters.com,2015:newsml_KCN0ST22U:20
  • find "video" like below
<itemRef contenttype="application/rss+xml" residref="tag:yospace.com,0000:rss_113294656" version="1">
<itemClass qcode="icls:video"/>
<signal qcode="pmt:video"/>
<provider literal="yospace.com"/>
<pubStatus qcode="stat:usable"/>
<role qcode="itemRole:N"/>
<altId rtr:isOriginal="1" type="idType:SID">113294656</altId>
  • the <altId rtr:isOriginal="1" type="idType:SID">113294656</altId>, and last part of tag:yospace.com,0000:rss_113294656 , is yospace id
  • find in FEEDVIDEO table

admin tomcat cluster

  • admin tomcat config cluster info, meet a problem tomcat can't start. The cluster should config point to self ip

clear apache disk cache

  • clear apache disk cache, you may find apache cache in folder like:

akamai staging env

How to test using Akamai's Staging Network

Applies To


How do I test using Akamai's Staging Network?

Akamai's Staging Network allows Akamai's customers to test configuration changes prior to going live on the Production Network. How exactly does one test from Staging?

Testing involves two steps: first, find a Staging IP, and second, spoof your domain to this IP and test whether or not your site or application behaves as expected.

1) Here is how you find an Akamai Staging IP. Say, Akamai is serving your digital property www.foo.com. Typically, this digital property would be cnamed to an Edge Hostname such as www.foo.com.edgesuite.net or www.foo.com.edgekey.net.

(Note, if this is a new property that has not been Akamaized yet, this cname may not be in place yet. In this case, you will have to create an Edge Hostname to which you will be cnaming prior to running this test.)

$ dig www.foo.com
www.foo.com. 7200 IN CNAME www.foo.com.edgesuite.net.
www.foo.com.edgesuite.net. 1359 IN CNAME a1234.g.akamai.net.

To find a Staging IP, add "-staging" to your Edge Hostname as follows:

www.foo.com.edgesuite-staging.net or www.foo.com.edgekey-staging.net

Resolve the newly obtained hostname to find a Staging IP.

$ dig www.foo.com.edgesuite-staging.net
www.foo.com.edgesuite-staging.net. 1264 IN CNAME a1234.g.akamai-staging.net.
a1234.g.akamai-staging.net. 20 IN A a1234.g.akamai-staging.net. 20 IN A

The "-staging" Edge Hostnames are created automatically when the Production Edge Hostnames "www.foo.com.edgesuite.net" or "www.foo.com.edgekey.net" are created. As with production Edge Hostname, the "-staging" Edge Hostnames resolve to optimal Staging IPs.

2) Once you have found a Staging IP, spoof www.foo.com to this IP and test your site or application as you would in Production. You can spoof by entering this domain and IP in your hosts file, or use testing tools such as curl, wfetch, or Akamai's homegrown tool EdgeSuite Booster available to download under Tools on the Luna Control Center.

Testing on Staging is strongly recommended when you make your own changes to your configuration. It is required when a change is implemented by Akamai.

You may also want to make sure that once you have correctly spoofed to the staging network, that your test requests are in fact going through it. KB Article 4856 explains these validation steps in further detail.

If you are trying to perform functional or A/B testing for users in China on a property subscribed to China CDN Service, KB 4651 describes special considerations for that testing scenario.

build rcom

>sudo make switch app=rcom-betaus
>sudo make context app=rcom-${edition} CATALINA_BASE=/rt/tomcat/cms

rcom add new edition

check article main text in newsdb

                  UID: USKBN0FL07220140716
           PACKAGE_ID: 833067408
         MAIN_TEXT_ID: 935512347
      MAIN_PICTURE_ID: 935512348
  • use main_text_id search BASICPUBLICATION table
                ID: 935512347
         FILE_NAME: tag:reuters.com,2014:newsml_KBN0FL072:1
     REVISION_DATE: 2014-07-16 03:11:43
          HEADLINE: Exclusive: U.N. monitors allege 'conspiracy' to divert Somali assets

get dns info dnsinfo_


source /rt/baselayout/all.sh
echo $dnsinfo_g3mds_service_host

activemq config in app box

  • find mdsloader-01 , /rt/properties
less /rt/properties/quoteserver-static.properties
telent host port
>telnet quit

find page from url

select * from site_map_url where domain_id=7 and url='/search' \G;

find no cache parameter

web box

  • restart webbox apache will update qs.txt from db, and it's need cache server start
 [distuser@qa3us-cache-01 cache-server]$ sudo /etc/init.d/rcomcsd start

qa env proxy info (ftp box)

[distuser@qa7-ftp-01 conf.d]$ pwd
[distuser@qa7-ftp-01 proxy]$ pwd
[distuser@qa7-ftp-01 proxy]$ grep -ir 23375 *
rcom-vhosts.conf: ProxyRemote *

catch up

  • on bdnloader box
 shell>./catchup_script.sh MM/DD/YY channleId [ channleId2 ...]
 shell>./catchup_script.sh 11/17/14 40050030
telnet localhost 23012
LSREQ 1.0 SETMISSINGRANGE 40050030 1415836800000 1416212395000
ctrl + ]

add slideshow to qa6 env

  • copy slide show tar file from qa2, on qa2-ftp-01 box

such as, /rt/shared/rmpd/reuters_rps/archives/2015-04-03/2015-04-03-qa.tar

  • copy this file to qa6-ftp-01 box, on folder

untar the file

sudo tar xopf 2015-04-03-qa.tar
  • then the slideshow file will be dealwith by cron job shell, be sure ntrans will read this slideshow channel
  • find slideshow channle id by name
SELECT * FROM news.CATEGORY where edition='us' and name='rcomus_all'

video channel type

  • for slideshow there is only one channel in category table


 SELECT * FROM news.CATEGORY where edition='US' and package_type='MrssFeedVideo'

find related article

  • in PACKAGEMAP table find ROLE='Sidebar' package
SELECT package_id, count(package_id) from PACKAGEMAP where role='sidebar' group by package_id order by package_id desc limit 1000;
  • find packageid which have more sidebar contents, use package_id find in PACKAGENEWS
SELECT * FROM news.PACKAGENEWS where id = 894653316

article image location

  • image location , the "view" folder is large image
    • the "thumb" is small image, but seldom use.
  • the admin box has write permission to /rt/shared/nas02 , other box can't
  the param , i=106156436 , or r=106156436-1 is image name
  the d=20150330 , is image folder

clear qa activemq content

  • Activemq size too large, use entire /data02 disk


sudo /etc/init.d/activemq stop
sudo rm -rf /data02/rt/store/activemq/kahadb/*
sudo /etc/init.d/activemq start

check marketdata company description with upstream

  • com.reuters.rcom.dataloaders.marketdata.CompanyOverviewDataLoader
  • find repo number with ric (on mdsbulkmaster-01, marketdaba db)
SELECT q.repno, q.ric, q.issue_PI, em.mdna_exchange, q.issuerid, q.companyname, q.country,
q.primaryflag, q.type, q.category, q.tickersymbol, em.exchangename, eex.favored, q.issuer_PI FROM
quoteview q JOIN exchangemap em ON em.mdna_exchange = q.exchange JOIN exchange_edition_xref
  eex ON eex.exchangeid = em.id JOIN edition ed ON eex.editionid = ed.id WHERE (q.ric = 'YUUZ.SI' and q.ric
  collate utf8_bin = 'YUUZ.SI') AND ed.id = 21 ORDER BY eex.favored DESC, eex.ordering ASC, q.primaryflag DESC;
  • another sql for find repono, may only use quoteview table;
mysql> select * from quoteview where ric='yuuz.si';
  • find companygeninfo
mysql> select repno,   productionDate, numEmployees, numEmployeesLastUpdated, totalSharesOut, commonShareholders,   incorporatedState,  incorporatedYear, publicSince, streetLine1, streetLine2, streetLine3, streetLine4,   streetLine5, city, stateRegion, postalCode, country, contactPersonName, contactPersonTitle, email,   mainPhone, mainFax, contactPhone, businessSummary, equityComposition, analystFootnotes,   financialSummary from companygeninfo where repno = 'ABAA6' \G;
  • on mdsrt-01 find which job update table companygeninfo (rtmdb.bulk_job_name_value)
mysql> select * from bulk_job_name_value where value='companygeninfo';
| name           | value          |
| tables_geninfo | companygeninfo |
  • find the job on mdsbulkmaster-01 ,
[appdev@produsx-mdsbulkmaster-01 geninfo]$ pwd
grep -ir "ABAA6" *

qa2 mysql vip can't access

  • when meet qa2 mysql vip can't access
[distuser@qa2-admin-01 ~]$ host domain name pointer qa2-admindb-vip.g3.reuters.com
  • start vip shell
[distuser@qa2-trtaupdb-01 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/vip_QA2ADMIN_up

stage apache rewrite

  • on staging box
svn co httpd-webrail 
cd httpd-webrail/rewrites 
make clean stage-kanban env=all remoteuser=qastage kanban_branch=[releases|features]


  • on staging box
sudo chown -R distuser:rcom /rt/staging/qa/apache-rewrites/Release-1.0-287
cd /rt/staging/qa/apache-rewrites/Release-1.0-287
tar xzvf apache-rewrites-1.0-287.tgz
  • deploy apache rewrie
export env=qa2
cd /rt/staging/qa/apache-rewrites/Release-1.0-287
make dist env=${env} remoteuser=distuser servers="${env}-web-01 ${env}-web-02"
make install env=${env} remoteuser=distuser servers="${env}-web-01 ${env}-web-02"
make restart-apache env=${env} remoteuser=distuser servers="${env}-web-01 ${env}-web-02"
  • detail reference CKB-9521

mdsbulk synchronization

1. In realtime db, check job name

mysql> SELECT * FROM `bulk_job_name_value` WHERE `value` = 'quoteview' LIMIT 0,1000;
| name                | value     |
| tables_symbology_V2 | quoteview | 
1 row in set (0.05 sec)

2. in mdsbulk-01

Stop crond and running job 
[distuser@qa2-mdsbulkmaster-01 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/crond stop

Run job in mdsbulk-01

sudo  /rt/apps/md-jobs/bin/stagejobrequest.sh 'f' symbology_V2

Restart crond once the synchronization is done

[distuser@qa2-mdsbulkmaster-01 ~]$ sudo /etc/init.d/crond start

rcom elastic search docs

Journalist profile page