log4j.additivity Edit

  • log4j.additivity是 子Logger 是否继承 父Logger 的 输出源(appender) 的标志位。具体说,默认情况下 子Logger 会继承 父Logger 的appender,也就是说 子Logger 会在 父Logger 的appender里输出。若是additivity设为false,则 子Logger 只会在自己的appender里输出
  • true if child loggers inherit their parent's appenders. Additivity is set to true by default, that is children inherit the appenders of their ancestors by default. If this variable is set to false then the appenders found in the ancestors of this logger are not used, use his own appender.

ConversionPattern Edit

log4j.appender.rightnow.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] - %m%n
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