eclipse setup workEdit

change eclipse.ini Edit

  • change memory size under eclipse.ini
find -name "eclipse.ini"

change -Xms768m, -Xmx1024m

config user name Edit

  • add '' to eclipse.ini

UTF-8 file encoding Edit

Preferences - General - Workspace - Text file encoding : UTF-8

check installed jre Edit

Preferences - Java - Installed JRES

Save automatic before build Edit

Preferences - General - Workspace - check "Save automatically before build"

Organize import on save Edit

Preferences - Java - Editor - Save action - check "Perform select action on save" , check "organize import"

format edit lines on save Edit

For better diff changes, we only format edit lines on save instead of all file. Preferences - Java - Editor - Save action - check "Perform select action on save", check "format source code", "format edit lines on save"

editor setting Edit

  • preferences - General - Editors
    • show line numbers
    • insert spaces for tabs
    • show white spaces character
    • display tab width: 4

java editor use spaces indent Edit

preferences - java - code style - formatter - create profile base on build in - edit - indentation - spaces only , tab size: 4

save action Edit

  • change java save action

Preferences->Java->Editor->Save Actions

    • remove unused import
    • remove unnecessary casts

disable eclipse valiate during building Edit

Preference -> Validation 

unselected all build validation

Java editor use space for indent Edit

  1. Preferences - Java - Code Style - click "Edit" - Indentation

set Tab policy to: Spaces only, tab size: 4

font size Edit

Preferences - General - Appearance - Colors & Fonts - Basic - Text Font font size 13

install plugin from marketplaceEdit

  • It's convenient install plugin from eclipse marketplace: Help -> Eclipse Marketplace

Key AssistEdit

  • in linux eclipse , ctrl + shift + l (Help -> Key Assists)
  • Word Complete, alt + /
  • max(recover) current editor, ctrl + m

TODO task Edit

  • add //TODO mark in code, and all TODO mark can find in Tasks view.

set eclipse proxy Edit

  • preference - General - network connnection
HTTP set proxy
HTTPS set proxy
SOCKS  don't set proxy
    • and you can proxy bypass for don't use proxy

set eclipse JDK Edit

  • for mac

install lombok Edit

use lombok.jar

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